I like to think the KitGrid feed is the launching off point for folks as they explore cycling kit and kit for whatever their active lifestyle is heading towards. While I know more than my fair share which gives me some unique insights it's far better to have several opinions from people who explore the same space.. Lucky for us all I know a few folks who are excited about cycling kit the same we you and I are excited about cycling kit. Here are the things they dig and why they dig them!

Snobici Top Holiday Kit Picks


There are only a handful of Instagram accounts I have to visit daily and get excited when they are updated. Snobici is one of them. While I am a firehose of content scouring for kits that excite and delight, Stan carefully assembles a feed that is visually elegant, stylistically exciting and often seeing trends long before they take hold. I'm excited to have him providing the KitGrid Gift Guide with his top holiday picks for cycling kit and cycling fashion.

Pas Normal Shield Gilet


Pas Normal has a really fresh approach to cycling apparel with a undeniable Scandinavian influence. They make high end cutting edge racing and training wear with a clean, contemporary look, PNS brings fashion to cycling. The Shield gilet is one of those pieces, a classic and clean look but with a little extra touch. It's like Sandinavian design, characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.


Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.45.26 AM.png

 BBUC Carbon Bomber jacket: BBUC is connecting two worlds, the one where every cyclist needs functional cycling clothing and the one where you want to look good on and off the bike.

The jacket is a great example, designed to be equally functional and casual, yet with a more urban appearence. It has the functionalities of a cycling jacket and can be worn as a cycling jacket but also as a casual jacket suited for everyday living. It looks good no matter what.

The Pedla


 The Pedla Linear Jersey:  For summer riding it always nice have a crisp white jersey. This jersey looks as good as it performs. If you have been following cycling on instagram, you've probably noticed the amount of creative cycling brands from Down Under. The Pedla is one of them. With the Pedla it's like they're on a different bandwagon, always on trend or ahead of it but completely going their own direction. Their latest Linear jersey is just that.

Alpba Optics

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.46.38 AM.png

've been wearing the Alba Optics glasses from the beginning the company started. Design is great, it's light, with an extended field of view and and fits like no other.

The lens is easy to remove, making it perfect to mix and match between frames and glasses. My favourite at the moment is the Gold mirror Lens with the Delta Indigo (navy) frame.

Maap Prism Pro hex jersey


Probably one of the biggest Ausie cycling brands out there. MAAP cycling clothing is designed in Melbourne, Australia with a particular focus on quality, design and art.

The art of making really good quality and good looking stuff. You can deffinitely see that both owners have years of experience in the fashion scene (surf and streetwear), the Maap designs are like no other. Maap is known for their diagonal color blocking designs and the Prism hex is one of my fav. at the moment, the white base, the blue tones and that yellow, great combination.

Huez Starman Wind jacket damson


orenzo from Huez is always on the look out for new tech in his designs. The Starman jacket is a great example, i had never seen a jacket with a quickburst zip. The tech in combination with their designs and choice of colours make Huez one of my favorites. The Starman jacket in the colour Damson is a excellent colour for 2017 and 2018 and very easy to match with navy, dark green, black etc.

Suplest edge 3


I'm a big fan of white cycling shoes, I think everyone needs to have at least one pair of white cycling shoes. But the reason I prefer white is they look super sharp and literally go with everything you’d wear. A pair of white shoes instantly elevates an outfit. This particular shoes from Suplest has the black mesh I like, we all know white mesh becomes caked with mud and dirt in the end. The Suplest edge 3 performance is not the high end shoe from suplest, but does have all the good stuff.

Giro xnetic


It was a matter of time someone introduced the 'Knit" trend into cycling. Both Giro and Fizik introduced a cycling shoes with the Knit technology. It's a unique design and technology in cycling shoe landscape, and I think we're going to see a lot more of it in the future. The Charcoal/Black from Giro is my favorite at the moment, very clean looking and easy to match.

Rapha Pro Team LS dark green


We all know Rapha, the quality, their design and marketing strategies. The first one filling the gap in the market for style-conscious cyclist. What can I say, Love the fit, quality and especially the green colour of the LongSleeve Pro jersey.

Fingers Crossed


At first I really liked their designs but do we really need another cycling sock company. Fingerscrossed was founded last year by Susanne and Patrick a couple passionate about cycling and design in all facets. A really creative couple, with a less is more approach and sometimes a wink to their sock designs. After trying my first pair, I can only say, Yes I need this! Their socks are soft, strong, breathable and with the right lenght. They grey colour is a colour you don't see that often with other cyclist, it's not flashy but it does make you stand out from the crowd, also the rivet on the lest sock is a nice little touch.

LIfe is a Beautiful Detail Top Five Holiday Picks

I know, I know right now you are saying the following

  1. What is "Llfe is a Beautiful Detail"?
  2. Who is ""Llfe is a Beautiful Detail"?
  3. Why "Llfe is a Beautiful Detail"? 

I'll make this super easy. Llfe is a Beautiful Detail is a blog written by Jeremy Nathan. I got in touch with Jeremy when he made a few very unique and thoughtful comments on the KitGrid feed. My intuition was that this guy not only knew his stuff when it came to all sorts of outdoor gear but similar to me he wanted to understand the thought process that went into the product design. Once i got wind of his blog and feed I was a bit blown away. Wonderful images, a true product engineers mindset and an eye for products that stand out for innovation or simplicity. That excited me and I hope it gets you going as well. Check out Jeremy's picks, visit Life is a Beautiful Detail and follow his Instagram feed for sure. On with the picks...

1. MAAP - 22 degree Team Jersey


For no explainable reason, one brand has always been noticeably absent from my closet – time to change that. Maap kits have always had this sort of race horse jockey vibe that I really dig. The 22 Degree Team has a darker palette which I’m really into. Purchase the MAAP 22 Degree team Jersey here.

2. 7mesh - Oro jacket


All. The. Tech. If Dieter Rams was going to design a cycling jacket this is it – What you need, nothing else. The weak point for weather protection in outerwear has always been the outer layer. By shedding this layer and exposing the waterproof membrane you drop weight and negate ‘wetting out’. Brilliant and I want it! Purchase the 7Mesh Oro Jacket here.

3. Assos - Equipe S7 


Gram for gram, feature for feature, dollar for dollar, one of the best value bibs on the market is the Assos NeoPro and I frequently recommend it to those wanting to upgrade. The Equipe S7 is the pinnacle of the Assos line with their legendary chamois and the Equipe S7 even has a KuKu Penthouse for your… kuku! Purchase the Assos Equipe S7 here

4. Mavic - Comete Ultimate


True story. I dream about these shoes, but I have nightmares about the price tag. It took about 5 years to R&D these slippers and the results is a jaw dropper that changes the game. I’m all about customizing so if I find a set of Comete Ultimate under the Festivus pole, I’d have to give them the Hasie & The Robots treatment. Purchase the Mavic Comete Ultimate here.

5. Paul Smith + Kask - Protone (Paul Smith rainbow gradient edition)


Gone but back again. I’m a huge fan of Paul Smith so seeing the PS treatment atop the helmet that has my eye, the Kask Protone, is too good to be true. I saw this one in person at the PS store in Vegas and I can’t see to shake it from my consciousness. Purchase the Kask Protone here.

Wattage Cottage Top Five Holiday picks

20171117_202918 (1).png

Allison aka Wattage Cottage Meet the world, World ... meet Allison. Instagram has changed quite a bit in the past few years and more an more we see personalities emerging who are pretty much going for it on a day-to-day basis. When looking at the Wattage Cottage feed I was always struck by the innate sense of style, passion for riding and positive attitude. I was pretty psyched when she agreed to provide a few top five picks.

Give her a followSee the links below) and keep your eyes peeled for her own line of socks and kits dropping now.

Wattage Cottage on Instagram

Wattage Cottage on Facebook

Wattage Cottage Website



1. Paria.cc "The Bone Yard Kit"

I love the simplicity of this jersey--always a huge fan of skulls, black & white. It's always cool to see two worlds collide like this. This kit was designed by female tattooer Courtney Lloyd, who I happen to be a fan of. If you're buying for a moody, but cool rider, this could be the jersey! Purchase at Paria.cc


2. Atout Cycling "Survol" Jersey

I dig the large graphic print here. The paper planes remind me of how I used to pass notes to my friends in middle school. I always love a good lightweight fabric as well because it's more flattering than some of the thicker materials out there. ATOUT has their own cooky, but clean aesthetic. If you're buying for an art nerd, this could be the jersey! Purchasse the Survol jersey here.


3. Hyperthreads "Tag Me" Hyper Pro Bib


The trend of the boldly printed bib is huge right now and it's something I really love. These bibs have a 90's hip hop vibe, and I am a huge rap/hip hop/r&b fan. Hyperthreads (based in Utah) is already known for their technical performance among racers, but I believe their style is also emerging as very "on trend" for everyone. If you are buying for a hip hop fan, this may be the bib/kit for them! Purchase the Bibs here


4. The Pedla - The Linear Collection


This entire collection is fire--it's classy, clean and lux. I wore exclusively Pedla (from Australia) during my tour in Tasmania and it help up so well. If you are looking to ball out for a classy sassy rider, this is my pick! Purchase the Pedla Linear Collection here


5. @Hunterbroscycling "Any Port In a Storm" Kit


From the moment I first learned about Hunter Bros, I was drawn to their flash tattoo-inspired jerseys. This design in particular is cool because the sailor look is always stylish. Somehow, these guys balance edgy with classy and you can never go wrong with navy. If you are buying for someone with a lot of traditional tattoos, this may be the kit for them! Purchase the Port in Any Storm Kit Here