7Mesh Outerwear

7Mesh has a team with roots that run deep into the world of being outside in weather that's great one minute and terrible the next. I'm excited to work with 7Mesh to provide a special offer on two of the most versatile pieces of outerwear available for the cyclist.

The 7Mesh Resistance Jacket is lightweight Windstopper Active shell that has become a go-to jacket of many riders I know. Taped seams and venting in all the right places keep body dry and temperature regulated, the resistance jacket packs down super easy and is the go-to on days the weather is bad or looks like it might turn a good time sideways. The 7Mesh Strategy Jacket uses multiple Windstopper panels and various high and low loft fleece panels to become a one-and-done cold-weather riding garment. I leave it to one of my favorite gear reviewers to describe it best.

I'm excited to bring an exclusive offer from the team at 7Mesh to you on the Resistance and Strategy jacket as part of the WTFKits Holiday Guide.

WTFKITS has worked with 7Mesh to bring you a special discount of 30% off using code 7MWTF30 for the following products:

  • Mens and Women's Synergy Jersey
  • Mens G2 Jersey & the Women's Britannia Jersey
  • Men's and Women's Resistance jacket
  • Men's and Women's Strategy jacket
The @7meshinc Strategy Jacket is a blend between a cycling jacket and jersey with an incredible depth of detail right down to seams. Using a hands-on, in-house approach, the designers leverage their experience and best practices in outdoor apparel to deliver something that is unique to cycling.
— Life Is A Beautiful Detail

Twin Six Outerwear

Twin Six continues to march forward with their Standard line and ensure every single garment made can withstand the whatever Mother Nature throws their way in the wilds of Minnesota. I've found the Standard line to be a no-brainer when it comes to hitting the road or dirt for multiple days in a row. WTFKITS worked with Twin Six to bring you a special discount of 26% off using code WTF26T6  from 11/21-11/27 

cadence collection x 686


Cadence and 68^6 teamed up t bring a 3l jacket and an insulator to life for those who need a little more protectiong from the elements. in their words:

After a five year hiatus, we teamed up once again, with snowboard outerwear brand “686” to bring you the best in outerwear protection. Our all new Kenton 3L rain jacket and Ericson Insulator jacket are both loaded with plenty of features to get you through almost anything mothernature can serve up

Cadence Collection  i getting it going so you can save 20% sitewide by using code THANKYOU

Isadore Apparel Outerwear

Isadore Apparel has unique insight into the cycling world with two Pro Tour riders as founders but it's also nice to see highly stylistic pieces coming from them. While I haven't ridden in the gear yet, in conversations with friends in Europe the Merino Membrane Softshell is highly regarded as a great go-to jacket for cold days while turning the pedals. WTFKITS is excited to work with the Isadore Apparel to bring you an exclusive offer free shipping by using code WTFKITSISADORE


Bontrager likely isn't the first name that rolls off your tongue when you think of outerwear but my eyes, ears and brain perked up when I read the ABC's of Awareness and the reference materials. I was already a fan of everything Hi-Viz, but this made me look deeper into the Bontrager line, and I was excited that they were aligning their outerwear and accessories to these principles.


Insulators are becoming more and more prevalent in the cycling world. Why? Well, it's a piece of outerwear that carries weight for equal parts lifestyle and cycling. Given that combo, it's easy to see people taking their expression of "I want to be outside" cycling off the bike. Now this type of outerwear has rapidly expanded as a category across all of outdoors, so we'll see more of these coming in the future.